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PIOCCI is working to offer services in several areas including:

1 Investment
Money is the lifeblood of business. PIOCCI connects investors with projects. Investors can indicate their appetite for investment, preferred business vertical, ticket size, expected return, and other key investment parameters. PIOCCI will filter the projects and bring to you only the matching investment opportunities.
2 Trading
China has successfully used trade to jump from a poor country to one of the biggest economic powers. PIOCCI encourages more trade by Indian diaspora. PIOCCI provides trading opportunities to exporters, importers, and trade service providers.
3 Manpower
PIOCCI is committed to strengthen the size and might of Indian diaspora. This requires encouraging more people in India to venture abroad. PIOCCI provides opportunities for businesses and workers to go abroad and pursue their dreams. PIOCCI connects with skilling agencies in India and employers abroad to fill the demand for manpower.
4 Technology
Technology is the most-important tool in the hands of Indians to make quick economic progress. It allows bypassing of several stages of economic development. Indians have made a name in the field of software. PIOCCI encourages import of technology into India in every sector. It also encourages export of Indian technology to countries in similar stages of economic development.
5 Business Services
PIOCCI provides business services in India such as business setup, liaison services, tax filing, local partner search, local bidding and others to facilitate doing business with India. This is done by identifying competent and verified service providers in different regions of India.
6 Information Services
PIOCCI provides information on a variety of laws including business, property, manpower, trading, GST, bank accounts, fund transfers, and others. PIOCCI provides information on industry verticals as also opportunities with industries. PIOCCI provides information on latest tenders and bidding opportunities.