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PIOCCI Services

PIOCCI is working to offer services in several areas including:

PIOCCI  Services

Investment and Financial Services

Discover and have access to high growth investment and M&A opportunities in the form of startups, SMEs, companies and projects. We provide highly curated deal flow of innovative solutions with Indian and global product & service focus.

  • Investor – Access to sector agnostic investment opportunities in India and other countries.
  • Investee – Services for companies to access investors including HNIs, Venture Capital Funds and Family Offices.
  • Access to Financial Service Providers and consultants
PIOCCI  Services

International Trade

India's trade policies, government reforms and inherent economic strengths have attributed to its standing as one of the most sought after destinations for foreign investments in the world. PIOCCI is providing trade opportunities for Exporters, Importers, and Trade Service providers, enabling more trade by Indian Diaspora.

  • Helping overseas businesses locate in India
  • Helping businesses sell overseas
  • Connecting overseas buyers with India businesses
  • Getting local market help to sell overseas
PIOCCI  Services

Human Resource and Skill Development

We are committed to strengthen the size and might of Indian Diaspora by encouraging more people in India to venture abroad. PIOCCI provides opportunities for businesses and workers to go abroad and pursue their dreams by providing connections with skill development agencies in India and employers abroad to fill the demand for human resources.

  • Skill Development of workers
  • Employment of workers overseas
  • Services for Businesses offering skill Development
  • Services for Businesses offering HR & Employment services
PIOCCI  Services

Technology Innovation

Technology is the most-important tool in the hands of Indians to make quick economic progress. It allows bypassing several stages of economic development. Indians have made a name in the field of technology enabled solutions and products.

  • Services for companies and technology providers including finding new customers and markets and a host of other services.
  • Services for businesses seeking technology partners as vendors.
  • Services for businesses seeking to build technology platforms including mobile and other applications
PIOCCI  Services

Business Services

We help Indian Diaspora build deep engagements with service providers for strategic partnerships, providing application trends, insights and leveraging entrepreneurship and innovation through high impact interactions

  • Services around setting up Businesses
  • Liaison Services
  • Legal Advisory
  • Documentation, Contracts and Company Secretarial Support
  • Tax Advisory Services
PIOCCI  Services

Information Services

We provide information on a variety of laws including business, property, manpower, trading, GST, bank accounts, fund transfers, and Market Intelligence updates with the process of doing business in various countries.

  • Access to Tender information on regular basis with live opportunities
  • News and updates including latest Joint Venture deals, investments, policy updates, Governments notifications, publications and research reports.