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The people of Indian Origin chamber of commerce and industry (hereafter referred to as PIOCCI) is a not-for- profit public-private initiative incorporated on 6th October 2003 and is registered at 50 Pravasi Bhavan, Delhi,110002, India with an intention to facilitate the economic engagement of overseas Indian with India, PIOCCI has a mandate to promote overseas Indian investments into indie and facilitate business partnerships: establish and maintain a diaspora knowledge network function as a clearing house for all investment related information assist Indian states to project investment opportunities and provide advisory services to PIOs and NRIs. The PIOCCI is governed by a council of prominent overseas Indians industry leaders and senior policy makers of the government.

Global organization of the people of Indian origin (hereafter referred to as GOPIO) looks to unite regional Asian business issues of national important such as legislation and government relations GOPIO is here to provide a national voice for the Asian business community and to provide its members with information and advice on anything of interest- from starting a business through to selling goods or services. GOPIO wants to go one step further and seeks to partner with other organisations both in the Asia and abroad for the benefit of its members. GOPIO also intends to bring together big business with local organizations-networking is important to GOPIO in helping members to expand their commercial base.

Both PIOCCI and GOPIO believe that there is considerable scope for cooperation about information exchange and business opportunities, to further their objective and mandate the PIOCCI and GOPIO agree as follow:

  • PIOCCI will support GOPIO in addressing the queries of its member relating to doing business in / with India
  • GOPIO will regularly share a list of potential investors who are interested in doing business in / with India, with PIOCCI and its governing council
  • To facilitate visits of business delegations to both organisations and support in the organisation of programs, meeting, conferences, etc., as deemed appropriate.
  • To facilitate one – to – one interaction between representatives of business and government in India.
  • To support promotional activists of both organisations, on mutual consent. PIOCCI would seek the support of GOPIO in business events such as PIOCCI Diaspora Engagement Meets.
  • To conduct joint studies/surveys/events In the area of mutual interest.
  • The websites of both the organisation will be linked.

This Memorandum of Understanding is entered in Delhi on March 31, 2016. This agreement will be valid for the period of 3 years from the date of signing, and will be renewed, after that on Mutual consent.