Worldwide Connect

PIOCCI can give you a connect in all parts of the world where People of Indian Origin live, as they are present in mostly all the countries.

Indian States Connect

PIOCCI can give you a connect in all major states of India. PIOCCI State Conveners can give connect to the bureaucrats and political leaders of the state. PIOCCI can also connect with local business leaders.

Business Setup Services

PIOCCI provides business setup services in India as well as several countries in the world. The services include:

  • New Company Formation
  • Branch Office
  • Liaison Office
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Registration with various authorities for licences
  • Registration with tax authorities

Tax Filing and Compliance

PIOCCI assists with businesses with tax filings and compliance in India and other as well as several countries in the world.

Liaison Services

PIOCCI can provide liaison services to interact with various government and business entities on issues such as copyright, trademarks, patents, product approvals, investment vehicle modalities and other issues to further your business. PIOCCI can facilitate one-to-one meeting with business prospects, bureaucrats and political leaders.

Business News and Information

PIOCCI can even provide you with various business news and information on:

  • Companies and Projects for sale/takeover/investment
  • Investment available
  • Sectoral news and information such as finance, infrastructure, health, education, trade, agriculture
  • Geographical news and information such as US/Canada, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East, South Asia
  • Business events and exhibitions

Business Advice

PIOCCI can provide you with information and advice on various business functions including

  • Accounting
  • HR
  • Legal
  • Operations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Media and Public Relations

Manpower and Training

PIOCCI can provide your business with trained manpower anywhere in the world. PIOCCI works with various agencies to provide skilled and unskilled manpower.

PIOCCI can facilitate training of your existing manpower even.

Indian Tenders

PIOCCI can provide you with tenders published in India as per your requirements.

Local Partners and Bidding

PIOCCI can help find local partners who can bid for various opportunities as your agents/local partners.

Office Services in India

PIOCCI provides you with local offices in all major state capitals and major cities in India to coordinate your business activities.

Translation Services

PIOCCI provides you with translation services for all Indian languages. This enables you to tap into local market opportunities.

Local Mailing Solutions in India

PIOCCI provides you with local mailing solutions. You can send and receive mails in India using our offices. You can also send and receive various things, by using this service.