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SUNIL HALI (PROMOTER & PUBLISHER) as Coordinator East Coast (New York) USA


Professional Experience

Sunil Hali is a leading torch bearer of India in the USAs since 1992. With an unmatched understanding and goodwill within Indians diaspora, he was featured in “Jewels of India in 2013” and “Roshni Media in 2014”. In last two decades, Sunil as head of Maya Consulting Group has emerged as a pioneer in South Asian media, marketing and management in the US. A double Gold medalist in engineering, and a Graduate from IIT Roorkee , Sunil is the first Indian to be featured on the cover of The New York Times in 1995, Metro Section , for Mausam-Seasons, a 52 part Indo-American soap opera, his maiden venture in media and entertainment as a Producer. The New York Times, once again, favorably reviewed his second project as a Producer-The Music Festival of INDIA, the largest South Asian event ever held in the US to celebrate India’s 50th anniversary of Independence in 1997.

With a corporate strategy to create a vertically integrated media power house for creation and distribution of premium quality content targeting Indian diaspora, in June 2000, Sunil launched, as a Publisher, the North American edition of the prestigious newspaper, The Indian Express through a Franchise Agreement. The publication became 1st Indian news media to be launched in the US and grew all across the North American continent, with multiple editions from East and West Coast as well as from Canada. The weekly publication was recognized for its integrity, quality and content. TIME(AOL-Time-Warner) signed a co-branding deal with this edition in second year of its launch to enter this market in US & Canada.

Sunil enter edin to a Joint Venture with DIVYA BHASKAR, the leading Gujarat inewspaper from Bhaskar Group in India fora North American edition (LaunchMay ,2004). This gave print media leadership to the group with two separate editions published from US & Canada to serve the largest Indian community segment with a premium in-language (Gujarati) weekly newspaper.

He has been one of the leading guiding force behind Radio Zindagi since its launch from California in 2012,the first South Asian 24x7 radio network intheUS with a 1st of its kind deal with CBS Broadcasting. The radio is today the biggest media platform reaching 2.4 million South Asians across US in nine states: Silicon valley to Big Apple to Capitol Hill.

Sunil launched Global Punjab TV, the in-language Punjabi TV channel in 2013 with International quality content yet maintaining Punjabi ethos. A premium infotainment channel, Global Punjab TV ( is the only Indian TV channel with 4 LIVE studios in Punjab, New York, California and Toronto and is available worldwide.

Sunil launched The Indian, a Newsand Infotainment portal in the USin 2013. The portal helps in connecting with India and Indians around the world and delivers global news from India and news about Indian diaspora in North America. This first of its kind integrated portal includes news, radio and television on one platform.

Sunil has produced mega events for brand India since 1999. This includes “Building India Excellence Awards” (2016); “Indian American Achiever Awards” (2007); “Zee Gold Bollywood Awards” (2000); “Zee TV Miss India Worldwide” (1999) and “Zee Gold Six Nation Cricket Championship” (2001). These events were presented to global Indian audience on television and as a live event at most prestigious venues across USA.

Sunil produced NR EYES, the millennium TV series profiling the most successful NRIs in USA. The series was the most widely broadcast show on Zee and its affiliates worldwide. Sunil, thereafter, published a coffee table book collector’s item with support from corporate world based on the interviews and research. Other globally acknowledged television programs include, Indo-American soap written by Mrs Sudha Murthy, “Dollar Bahu” (2000-2001), “Hello Global Punjab” with Kanwar Sandhu, on Global Punjab TV (2014 till now), “New York Sikh Day Parade” on PTC Punjabi TV (2011) among thousands of hours of shows in different genre including news, current Affairs, entertainment, music, education and business.

Sunil has been the driving force behind launch of large International corporates in USA targeting Indian diaspora. This includes strategy, launch and building to leadership over multiple years of relentless work, and includes clients such as Citibank NRI Services, JET Airways, DIRECTV,, SBLI USA, Cash2India, UniMart, Lodha group, Godrej Properties, Radius Developers, Purvankara Group among others.

Sunil believes in “Frontline” leadership and brings an in-depth knowledge of South Asian community and media in the USA, professional management and an innovative vision to all the ventures involving him.

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