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Role of BRICS in Energy Security

Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Shri Dharmendra Pradhan inaugurated the PIOCCI on the Oil & Gas Industry

Energy security is the association between national security and the availability of natural resources for energy consumption. Access to cheap energy has become essential to the functioning of modern economies. However, the uneven distribution of energy supplies among countries has led to significant vulnerabilities.

Rapid deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency, and technological diversification of energy sources, would result in significant energy security and economic benefits.

The meet discussed that BRICS Countries surely contribute towards each other’s energy security. With the foregoing theme, attendees and Policy makers deliberated the ways and means for BRICS coordination so that better synergy could be developed in the Oil and Gas front.

Energy Securities and successful global partnerships.

A new Indian economic order has lured the Diaspora to extend their engagement beyond the emotional connect to economic partnership. The next generation of Youth NRIs and PIOs presents a unique opportunity for India to develop a special and unique bond with these global leaders of tomorrow. The Indian Diaspora discusses its aspirations and experience in this panel discussion. The panel discussed the role which Indian Diaspora and India can play in BRICS in this sector and also energy sector beyond the carbon energy.