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PIOCCI – People of Indian Origin Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a Global Business Platform working closely with reputed entrepreneurs and Indian Diaspora to promote investment and international trade opportunities.

PIOCCI is helping People of Indian Origin (PIOs), Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and their business enterprises of all sizes to operate and explore new dimensions on building economic partnerships both internationally and in India.

We provide vital connections between PIOs, Government and Businesses. Our unparalleled reach and deep understanding of the Indian ecosystem places us to penetrate the challenges faced by the Indian Diaspora – from owning micro-enterprises to large companies. We deliver solutions and services that combine a global perspective and local expertise with one core purpose: to promote innovation, scale and inclusive growth.

PIOCCI collaborates with Indian Diaspora with regards to exploring, helping, orienting, hand-holding and setting up businesses in different states of India – acting as a single point of contact for all business needs of Overseas Indians.


People of Indian Origin constitute the largest diaspora in the world. As per the Indian Ministry of External Affairs there are approximately 30.2 million Indian diaspora residing outside India.

People of Indian Origin are heads of state and governments, leaders of political parties, Cabinet ministers and part of ruling establishments in all parts of the world. Persons of Indian Origin include business leaders such as CEOs of Google, Microsoft and Pepsi.

Indian diaspora has many organizations in all parts of the world. However, these associations are mostly local, sub-national or national. These organizations do not have a footprint in India or other regions of the world. PIOCCI seeks to bridge that gap. PIOCCI has chapters in all Indian states. PIOCCI offers Indian diaspora a bridge to do business in India as also around the world.

Aims of the Global Network

PIOCCI is a global network of Indian Diaspora Members, Corporate Partners and PIO Bodies, having direct reach across 150+ countries.

With a unique global footprint and direct reach to businesses, we aim to promote international trade, investments and partnership with innovative technology solutions & products.

Our global headquarters in New Delhi is complemented by our network of local offices and chambers – providing a seamless service to members and stakeholders wherever you are in the world.


Join People of Indian Origin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Global Business Platform of Indian Diaspora.