Building Bridges of Friendship and Understanding Between India and their Countries


Diaspora is one of the six mega trends under the current phase of globalization. It has emerged as one of the global heritage resources in the socio-cultural arena and an important driver of global economic engagement.

Indian Diaspora estimated to be around 30 million strong and spread around 102 countries have demonstrated strong retention of their Indian identity and shown great emotional and cultural attachment with India. They have played a significant socio-cultural and democratic role in their host countries which reflect the democratic ethos and tolerant, accommodative value system of Indian civilization. The rising India with its global footprint and its urge to spread its soft presence across the globe, finds its children abroad as its best partner.

Besides possessing a global Indian identity, they are also amongst the top professionals occupying high positions in economic and professional echelons of their countries. With India’s growth story and emergence of huge economic opportunities they are well poised to play an important role in facilitating trade and investment linkages between their adopted countries and India.

The Indian Diaspora serves as a catalyst between India and Indian Diaspora hosting countries increasing their cultural, economic and strategic ties. The role of diaspora in the bilateral relations of host and home countries plays out at both state and civil society levels. But the shaping of the policy to enable diaspora as a catalyst in is done by parliamentarians and state functionaries. Their role is further complimented by people to people interactions in the socio- cultural and business area.

It is in this context that Antar-Rashtriya Sahayog Parishad(ARSP) and PIO-CCI are organising an International Conference of PIO Parliamentarians in New Delhi on 10 th January, 2018. Over 130 Parliamentarians of Indian origin from different countries around the world have confirmed their participation in the conference. The conference aims to deliberate on ‘Role of PIO Parliamentarians in building bridges of friendship and understanding between India and their adopted countries’.

The event being organized by ARSP and PIO-CCI would bring together a large number of MPs and Mayors of Indian origin from different countries to deliberate on how cultural and the economic and business linkages could be developed. Exposure to this event would provide a unique opportunity for people to people interaction and to the Indian companies to project themselves on the global stage and create extremely useful business relationships in those countries which have large diaspora presence.